Felipe Martín

Be incomprehensible. If they can't understand, they can't disagree.

Why I preordered the Nintendo Switch

Published on 2017-01-31 with no comments.

As a gamer (casual gamers have feelings too) I pre-ordered the latest Nintendo Console that will be launched on March 3rd worldwide. This post is an opinion and description of my gaming habits and why they fit with this new system.

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A week for personal development

Published on 2016-12-26 with no comments.

Sadly, over time, my programming time at work is becoming less frequent. Doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff it’s just little by little most my time is spent on management things. Since I don’t want to get stalled and to give myself focus into other things I got last week off to see whatever I was capable of making. To my surprise it was time well spent.

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New site

Published on 2016-12-21 with no comments.

After a really long time I finally managed to spend some time redesigning and moving my blog to another platform, everyone already know that I tried really hard to create an editor that satisfied me while the answer was simpler.

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The penguin trials after two weeks

Published on 2016-04-27 with no comments.

It's been two weeks already and I will make a quick post with two subjects: the stuff broken that needed to be fixed (from my point of view) and improvements to the workstation that made my life easier.

After other two weeks I will post a summary with the good and bad parts.

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