Zombiepress is here

Published on June 24, 2013

It finally happened. I got tired of octopress and decided to finish what I started: my own blogging CMS.

It's a really modest thing built with django. I've added some thing to make it easy to use (in my oppinion):

  • settings.py main preferences (required for running the app) are set on environment variables instead of environment dependant settings files or the not so cool local_settings.py.
  • A a key->value preferences config in the admin (a simple django model with 3 fields) for settings that may be needed to modify in a live environment and would be a shame if it were on the settings.py file. In example, I use it to set some RSS preferences and the Disqus shortname for the blog comments. To disable blog comments I just need to uncheck the "pass to template" option on the required variable.
  • Theming: Not an absolute state of the art, but it's function works: a themes folder and a variable to select one on the settings.py, I just need to create the basic theme.
  • (experimental) Multilanguage support. A friend asked for a easy to use CMS with multilingual support, so I want to give it a shot. Since I never used django with managed multilingual content, it may be easy or it may be not. The code is there, someone has to try it.

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