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The penguin trials

Published on 2016-04-11 with no comments.

I've been using OS X for my workstation environment for about five or six years now. I always say (and believe to this moment) that OS X is the most comfortable environment for work.

It has an stable window manager, a terminal that does not suck and lot's of software related to my daily activities. I can reinstall and have a fully working environment from scratch in an hour or so (no hdd dupes, a full OS installation).

I've been really comfortable with this for a long time, and with the last features coming to windows I thought that it was time to refresh my GNU/Linux rants and give it a try again like I did to Android not so long ago.

So, here's the deal: Starting today I'm going to spend one month on a linux environment at work to see how it goes. I think the starting transition will be easier since at work most of the company tools are online or done via ssh, and my most used app is emacs and I use it directly on a terminal.

The chosen penguin is: AntergOS (based on Arch Linux, it simplified me the installation process) with i3 as the window manager. I always wanted to try a tiling wm so this is the best moment to do so, and Arch was my favourite OS back at the time and I will know how to use most of the internals if it hasn't changed a lot.

For now I just have installed my most common apps and I haven't tuned a bit apart from the screensaver. I'm sure this will change in no time. I will try to make weekly or biweekly entries with updates, or if things don't get out of control just a summary after a month.

Let's see how it goes!