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New site

Published on 2016-12-21 with no comments.

After a really long time I finally managed to spend some time redesigning and moving my blog to another platform, everyone already know that I tried really hard to create an editor that satisfied me while the answer was simpler.

I like to reinvent the wheel (I don't even know if that expression exists or it's said like that in English, let me know!Apparently yes) but this time I got really far... like years far: I stopped writting because I did not find any editor confortable to the point I created my own blog application without success. This madness has to stop, there has to be something already there for me.

After trying almost every blog and static content generator out there I stumbled upon https://www.getlektor.com, a simple but really powerful static site generator that almost completely fit my needs.

After trying it a bit, I migrated the new theme I was making in a refactor of my old site to Flask (yikes!) and recreated the same site structure to do a final test.

I liked it.

But why? you may ask... Lektor's editor is worst that the one you made.

And you are right, Lektor's editor is just a textarea, but you forget one thing: all the content are plain text files that I can edit with whatever I want.

Having this flexibility is awesome, most of the content of the site is edited in either Emacs or Atom. Even if it was tricky at first because Lektor creates all the content in the same path I managed a -I'm sure overengineered- way to sort the files the way I wanted. Will improve it in the future when I know more about Lektor's internals.

The theme also reflects the change I've been noticing in the past year: I want simplicity, so the site is as simple as it gets.

Just a few colors, no CSS frameworks (only a simple grid) and everything is made up from scratch. It still needs a little enhancements but it wont get much further. Also I'm sure I left a few stuff broken when I migrated all the blog entries but everything will be fixed with time.

I hope this gives me more time and motivation to keep writing. There are a few old drafts from tools that I'm going to finish up, and... well, more stuff that will be shared with you in future posts. :)

P.S.: I do not forget that I owe you the conclusion of the penguin trials too!