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A week for personal development

Published on 2016-12-26 with no comments.

Sadly, over time, my programming time at work is becoming less frequent. Doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff it’s just little by little most my time is spent on management things. Since I don’t want to get stalled and to give myself focus into other things I got last week off to see whatever I was capable of making. To my surprise it was time well spent.

Side effect: instead of five or six days it was down to four or less cause you know, everyone is busy these days ;)

So, what did I do?

Used Lektor to build this site

This site on github

I finally managed to rebuild my site from scratch with lektor. Already wrote about this in a previous post.



Natif on github

Simple app to use a website as a desktop application.

I wanted to do something with electron for some time now and since I use some webapps that I wanted outside of my browser this was a simple yet powerful ally for me.

I wanted it mostly to create a Netflix app because my main browser is Firefox and Netflix isn't working on it but I came into trouble when trying it out.



Symboldoc on github

Print a simple docstring based on a given python module and a symbol name.

I wanted to use abtract syntax trees for something thinking it was more difficult than it really were, and it came to a simple script that print a docstring for a symbol that also could be easily integrated into my emacs setup, forcing me to document my projects more.



Nout on github

Maybe in the future a note taking app.

After trying almost every note taking app out there mine are just files on a Notes folder written in markdown syntax. Thinking about what I needed, it came just to a couple features, so I thought that creating an index of my notes in a sqlite database would be enough. Parsing files to normalize the information and using simple queries to look up for the data.

Right now I only made the file watcher and the database storage, there's a pull request on the works with some tests. It's not usable yet.


Other stuff

Other things I did:

Things I miss:

Overall it felt really rewarding. I encourage everyone to get some time off to create new stuff, maintain your projects, create that tool you always wanted, research about that subject you read so long ago, etc.

I don't know when but I will surely repeat this.