I finished playing Untitled Goose Game

Published on September 27, 2019

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Platform Nintendo Switch
Started 2019/09/20
Finished 2019/09/26
My rating 7/10
Completed everything? No, all main to-dos and a few extras.

I didn't even plan to buy this game. Seriously. I was eager to play the Link's Awakening remake that came out the same day on the Switch and was already waiting me in he mailbox. But I saw the trailer and I had to try it... just to be sure it was as absurd as it seemed.

UGS is a puzzle game (which isn't very clear just by watching the trailer) and it's fun while it lasts. It made me laugh during my entire playthrough considering in which ways could I torment the poor people near my pond, and it's also good as single player couch co-op since my player 2 was there telling me to do this and that to solve some to-do's. We enjoyed it.

But there is a very bad thing about it: is crazy short. I finished the main "storyline" in less han two hours with only one main to-do unsolved (dammit old man!). True, the game offer more "complicated" tasks after you finish but that didn't make me want go re-play it since it was (apparently) more of the same and some with time constraints.

Even though, I recommend you try this game when you when an offer pops up on your preferred store.

Badass Goose

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