I finished reading A gathering of Shadows

Published on October 21, 2019

A gathering of shadows cover

Series Shades of Magic #2
Previous A Darker Shade of Magic
Started 2019/09/24
Finished 2019/10/19
My rating 8/10
More info Goodreads - V.E. Schwab website

Continues months later the end of the first one keeping up after the events and allows the us to follow the current life of the characters we met, how the <spoiler> affected their lives and how it all goes on, taking it slow during the first half of the book explaining the world(s) in detail until everything starts rolling and you get hooked until a point where... the book ends!

Gladly, I'm reading this as a finished series, but I can't imagine fans of this reading the final chapter having to wait for the third book (which I already started reading) to know what's next.

My personal opinion is: I got a bit bored at first. It goes really slow presenting characters to the readers and keeping them traveling from here to there until the interesting starts happening, but once I got there I couldn't stop.

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