January 2020

Published on January 31, 2020

Munich in January

I didn't have much time for anything on January since I have spent more time traveling than anything else: Being on my homecity for christmas, traveling for work two times and then another conference just because.

At least the planes gave me some time to read and finish some pending things, though I hope next month is more relaxed.


  • DevConf, Brno 1

    Not much to comment apart from feeling a complete newbie about everything, but more on that on another post in the near future.

TV Shows/Movies

  • Watched The Witcher S01 2

    I'm not sure if coming to the TV Show without having read the books or played the games was good or bad, but I enjoyed it. Not sure why some of the hate out there. It may be a bit difficult to put everything together if you're not focusing on it (as it happened to me), but it's a good fantasy show and I'm glad they renewed for a second season.


  • Stopped reading Prince of Thorns3

    I didn't get involved with the story, the characters and so on. Only read a few chapters but there are tons of books to read to stop on one I wasn't enjoying. I may try again in the future.

  • Started reading The last wish4

    This was obvious, having watched the series it seems like an awesome fanstasy world to explore and so far so good. Looking forward to the game too.


  • I started and dropped Pokemon Shield5 on record time. Got some hype from a friend and from a recent announcement but it's just the same as always and it bored me going through. Made to the second or third gym and I just didn't want to turn on the Switch to play, so...


Some stuff I've read over the month. Since I don't store a proper history this is just what came to mind, but I'm going to try keeping a record for the coming months. Also I'm going to use this as a pressure point to read some more pending articles, at least to the point that I read more than I add to my pocket account.

  • There's No Such Thing as Knowing Your Computer 'All the Way to the Bottom' 6
  • You should have a personal website 7
  • The boring technology behind a one person internet company 8
  • From 15,000 database connections to under 100: DigitalOcean's tale of tech debt 9
  • What happens when you push to git.sr.ht, and why was it so slow? 10
  • How SSH port became 22 11

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