February 2020

Published on March 01, 2020

After lots of flights and traveling around came the calm. A month to get everything in order, sort my routine and start gettings things done.

The beach after a walk


  • Fosdem 2020 1

    We were nearby for DevConf so we just went a few days here. I forgot how packed and difficult going to some tracks is... but we managed to attend some interesting talks and meet with some friends there, which is always a plus.


  • Finished watching Friends, again. It was so my player 2 and I had a 20m episode series to watch at lunch/dinner. It still make me laugh.

  • Finished watching The Good Place 2

    Interesting show. The first season is what I liked the most, and the show is a good overall to watch while eating or something, short episodes (~20m), comical and with good actors. The show mocks humanity in every way possible, the sad part is that most of that is totally true! The ending kinda surprised me and made me think a little bit.

  • Started watching Money Heist 3

    We flew through the entire first season in a flash, and we're now on the second (which it doesn't seem as good as the first). I liked the first one a lot, even if there were some stuff that didn't make much sense. Totally recommended.


  • Finished reading The last wish 4 by Andrzej Sapkowski

    As many people I started reading this after watching the TV Show (but haven't played the game yet).

    I was scared that it would be too similar to I was already seen but to my surprise, even though some of the events tell the "same story" (on a sense) are different enough from what I saw on TV.

    I did enjoy it though it was short in length, but in exchange you don't necessarily need to continue reading the rest of the books if you don't want to (right away) because it contains a tale per chapter that even if they are a full story when read in full it doesn't put the reader in a position where it needs to read the rest.

    I recommend it if you like the fantasy genre, is a light read, short and self-contained.

  • Started reading The Magicians' Guild 5 by Trudi Canavan


  • Started and quickly dropped (and refunded) Warcraft 3: Reforged 6

    I didn't manage to finish the "classic" Warcraft 3 back in the day, so even after the critics and so on I decided to give it a go. Huge mistake. The game is not prepared for wide-screens, it doesn't help that the UI covers most of the screen either, my units keep getting stuck on trees around and the game crashed on me a few times (and I only played the tutorial and one scenario). My first though was... well, since I have the classic one on my account let's just play that... but no, the classic version now download the Reforged game with the classic graphic pack. Even if you are a HUGE Warcraft fan, you shouldn't pay for this. Luckily Blizzard knows and they do instant refunds for the game.

    Blizzard, please release classic Warcraft III on Good Old Games as you've done with the two previous entries. 7 I just bought and downloaded them just in case you decide to Reforge everything. 8

  • Started and dropped Assasin's Creed Origins 9

    I was in the mood of playing some of these open world games, and I had this in my uPlay account already waiting as a gift for purchasing an nvidia graphics card. The game looked good but it seems it was horribly optimized since I had constant frame drops and AI glitches. I tried some stuff to make it better but nothing worked. It killed the inmersion so much that I just uninstalled it.

  • Started playing Wolcen 10

    To play with some friends (though I've played mainly by myself because of schedule issues). It's an action RPG that aims to be good, but has still some bugs (it released this month).

  • Played some Clash Royale 11 and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 12 on mobile.

    The first one just because, the other because of the hype of the next Animal Crossing game releasing soon for the Switch.


  • Google Maps Hacks (incl. video) 13

    On how the virtual world affects the physical world.

  • Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust 14

    Article from Discord Engineering on how they switched a specific piece of their infrastructure to Rust.

  • [VIDEO] OVER-TOURISM - Is sustainable tourism possible? - 観光公害 15

    An interesting video about how tourism has evolved in Japan over the last years.

  • Fucking laptops 16

    The honest state of the laptop industry. It reminded me when I wanted to switch my laptop and no option seemed good enough even in the highest price ranges.

  • The World We Leave Our Children: How I became a free software extremist 17

  • The boss who put everyone on $70k 18

  • [VIDEO] How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation 19

    I love this kind of war stories (as the series name) of what tricks developers used to do to accomodate to old hardware. Really interesting.

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