April 2020

Published on May 01, 2020

Weird month. It seems that quarantine finally caught up with me (and my sleep schedule!). Since I cannot go to sleep when I want, I'm trying a different approach... reading something at bed and waking up later. So far so good.

This month I didn't read many articles/books (in fact, any book) but in return I came back to reading some Manwha I had in my backlog. And I have also invested some time in a few projects I'm currently incubating.

I'm also on my way to self-host my own stuff, trying out software and servers architectures so I can dog-food some of the stuff I use at work, hopefully.

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII: Remake main menu screen


  • Money Heist (up to date)

    This last season way less interesting than the others for my taste, and they are extending this heist too much. It should had already ended. But oh well...

  • Mandalorian (ongoing)

    Started watching this on Disney+, of course I had to! I'm just a few episodes in and so far I'm loving it. Star Wars universe for the win.

  • Gravity Falls (finished)

    I only watched this because a friend told me that it would diverge into some Rick-and-Morty-like shirt. And it didn't. I'm dissapointed at my friends now.

  • Dragon Ball (ongoing)

    I'm slowly going through this one since I only watch it while I cook.

  • The Lion King (2019)

    Same old, same old. Why not? Environments are amazing.

Books & Manwha

  • The Magicians' Guild (Trudi Canavan)

    Put on hold. Even though the book was interesting enough I didn't bring myself to continue reading it. In exchange...

  • DICE (ongoing)

    I started DICE a long time ago, and it has been on my backlog for the same period. Since I have a bit of IQ left at night, I gave it a shot, and oh man, this one is good.

  • The Gamer (ongoing)

    This is esentially the exact same comment as above.


There's no repository for this projects at the moment, I'm trying to make projects public once I have something somewhat usable first, so my accounts are not poluted with unfinished stuff. I will have my own server for that soon™.

  • Butter Robot

    On my current employeer we had the need of having some information automatically posted in our channel reacting to different events. At the beginning this was a simple python script reacting to a webhook but as everything it has evolved. I'm making a simple bot framework (Slack app & telegram) to generate bots, trying to make it easily extensible via plugins which are just python classes than can be exposed to the main package using entry points.

  • Jeeves

    I started this some months ago, is an automated task manager via configuration files. You define tasks on a pipeline and can execute it via CLI/Server. There's few code and it does near to nothing (can execute scripts and call docker containers), but I have plans to have a server so triggers can be set, flows to execute several pipelines, etc. This has been on my head for years, so glad it's finally taking shape.

  • Unnamed photo collection viewer

    I have been thinking about this for a while. There's no photo/video management software that suit my needs right now, and even if there's free/cheap alternatives out there I always have a copy of all my collection just in case (you never know what could happen). So making a viewer for all my collection should be the way to go, it wouldn't have nice features (like automatic videos and all that stuff everyone do nowadays) but I want a simple viewer, with a timeline, groups, that do not edit my files without my explicit permissio (because somtimes a wrong timezone or DST flag fork up a timeline).


  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    My daily fix. I'm just doing some daily stuff, events and all little by little. The 3DS version made me a hardcore player, so I'm taking this one with more zen. It's really impressive how have they improved this game.

  • Valorant and Tabletop Simulator (Zombicide DLC)

    These two has been my social distancing vaccine for the month. We continued with the Zombiecide campaigns and my friends and I managed to get a Valorant beta from Twitch drops so I'm fragging like the newbie I am.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    Ow yes... How couldn't I see this coming. With this #StayAtHome thingy my hype for this came back until I finally bought it. With the system and all. I'm just a few days in and so far is awesome! Just keep in mind that there are DLC blocking some summons and all that, but going through the story again, with new graphics, 2020 cutscenes and characters have way more deep than in the vanilla version... Right now I recommend it, but let's see what happens when I finish it (or at least one third on the entire story...? Since this is not the entire vanilla story)


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