May 2020

Published on June 01, 2020

I can go out now. In those rare days with good weather here I can take pictures like this.

A picture from the beach


  • Mandalorian (ongoing)

    I say ongoing, but I think I have not watched it this month... the thing is that I still have to finish it.

  • Rick and Morty (ongoing)

    Of course I'm up to date, don't be rickdiculous.

  • Once upon a time (ongoing)

    To kill time during lunch/dinner because my Player 2 likes it. Pretty boring though. Only the first season is "good" in some way because the premise is interesting, after that it all goes to shirt.


Same as last month.

And I have the urge to read One Piece but don't know from where (legally) withouth investing a lot in physical copies...


Little progress on code this month, just making some tests and concepts (because Memories required front-end work and I forgot almost everything I knew about CSS).

Spent some time reworking my local infra from scratch. All the services I had running were done with poorly manual labor and now I'm working on provisioning everything using Ansible. I have to do the same for my computers since I'm planning the new dotfiles from scratch too.

  • Jeeves

    Very little progress, just added a few tasks and so, the example here is not working because docker is broken on my machine at the time of writing, but it should work. Promise.

    My problem with this is that until it has a proper server to trigger tasks via webhooks, crons or other methods is just a lightweight (and worst) Ansible wannabe.

      $ jeeves execute Jeevesfile.yaml
      (i) Running flow from Jeevesfile.yaml
      === Running flow: Create synology-drive package
      ok! Running step [1/8]: Download x86_64 deb
      ok! Running step [2/8]: Calculate md5sum for x86_64 deb file
      ok! Running step [3/8]: Download i686 deb
      ok! Running step [4/8]: Calculate md5sum for i686 deb file
      ok! Running step [5/8]: Create build directory
      ok! Running step [6/8]: Parse PKGBUILD
      ok! Running step [7/8]: Create SRCINFO file
      Image 'archlinux:latest' does not exist container
      err Executing step [8/8]: Test install in container
  • Butterrobot

    Spent some time refactoring code and thinking on what to use for a simple admin interface to setup new features for the bots, enable or disable plugins and all that.

    Butterrobot !dice plugin

  • Memories (previously Unnamed photo viewer)

    Worked on reading the files from the filesystem and extracting the mininmum required metadata for me to save on the database (to have some search/filters going on). Also got some ideas depending on how the files are stored (use folder names as "tags" to search for example).

    Also played around with thumbnails, which are tricky to do depending on the file, and I have a lot of variety (from standard JPEG to HEIC going through 360 videos, etc.). I also noticed that I have a lot of files with wrong metadata, which does not help at all with my testing.

    Well, I have a simple frontend now, but everything is a very work in progress (and those menu links are just dummy navigation).

    I need to focus on implement a proper backend and decide on the main features to implement in the first release, which should come with a simple frontend and API for people to create their own.

    Memories screenshot


  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Just a daily routine trying to complete the monthly citteropedia.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    I think I'm almost through the end, just finishing up some side quests prior to the final chapters. I'm having lots of fun, probably because the slow pace so I don't finish it in just a few days.

    I can't describe how awesome the soundtrack is, specially with the nostalgia effect from the original.

  • Terraria

    The last update for Terraria came out this month and I'm going through the content with a friend trying to go though all the content. Well, not all content, since there is a lot. This game is a piece of art, one of those rare gems that I wish I had more time to properly enjoy it.

  • Northgard

    This has been on my Steam library for quite some time, and since the Valhalla announcement I had the urge to play something Viking related. Didn't play much (two scenarios I think). Is a fairly nice strategy game but it has enough elements to make it enjoyable for a player like me (because I'm not very good at them).

  • Minecraft Dungeons:

    Got this for the switch because I wanted to have something to spend a few minutes in and kill some time and couldn't I be more worng.

    My surprise has been the awful load times (2m+ to start playing from the Switch main menu), sub-30 framerates and the awesome chance of the game crashing when putting the console in sleep mode. The game is fun to play from time to time (and I'm sure is way more fun in multiplayer) but the Switch version is just so bad that no one should buy it.

  • Some Sea of Thieves and Valorant with friends to keep me close while social distancing, though I'm not sure I would keep playing since rebooting to Windows just to play some games is itching me a lot lately, rather buy what I can play on Linux and purchasing the rest on Switch or PS4 if needed.


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