June 2020

Published on June 02, 2020

We can travel now! Quarantine restrictions have been raised here, and we can go visit family. It's weird seeing people with masks, cleaning its hands and so on (though not everyone eveytone). It gives me some Japan nostalgia.

It hasn't been a productive month, and I don'tknow where time went. And that made me realize that I can't do everything I want to do... I have to start dropping tasks from all kinds of hobbies and organize myself way better. That is my homework for this summer.

On the road, finally


Sad times here. The shock when you finally discover that time is not infinite.

Both the photo manager and the pseudo-CI/CD tool were fun, but I'm going to stop working of them for the foreseable future. Both were monoliths that I can't schedule on my life right now.

Butterrobot I'm happy to continue with since we're going to dog-food it at work. Happy to say that the app is now fully modular and you can install that and your own package with plugins and make it work easily. Hopefully releasing it this month.

Infra has evolved too, I've simplified a lot of my services, turned down some things I wasn't using and trying to save time on this as well. If there's a good alternative out there I'm probably using it.

And on that matter, I'm going to start moving all my repos to Github. I have them spread around github, gitlab and sourcehut and it's causing me headaches. I will have my own gitea instance to mirror my repos in case something happen with the cloud service and also to put there all tests and concepts (like the two discontinued above) before making it available to the public (though they will be accessible, just not so easy to find) so my github account isn't filled with unfinished stuff.


  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Still play ocasionally, finally burn-out got to me. I only turn on the game to get some of the collectibles and check some daily stuff, just a few minutes and definitely not daily as before.

  • Terraria

    Still on-going and very happy with it. I'm still shocked on the number of features included with this game, number of items, progress, bosses and all for the price, after a lot of years.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    Didn't play much, almost to the end, time constraints and sharing the TV as main issues, but I'm very eager to get to the end to see if anything non-trivial changed from the original.

  • Reventure

    Started playing this on my GPD WIN 2, it's awesome for quick runs and is funny so far, trying to discover what crazy stuff to do in order to unlock the over one hundred endings this game has.

  • Minecraft Dungeons:

    Dropped for the obvious reasons I said last month.


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