August 2020

Published on September 02, 2020

Slowly going back to routine, this month has been well spent going out when possible and spending time with friends and family, a thing that we couldn't do properly for some time now. Not much "progress" on anything else for that matter.

A picture of the beach


Didn't have much time to play around with projects this time, but in simple terms I've managed to release the code for butterrobot for anyone to see and shame my code and prepared the slack application for my team to use. I'll admit that is a bit of a pain to play with several repositories at the same time, and github doesn't make this easy on itself requiring authentication for the container registry... but well, so far it's working and it's good to have room for improvement.

I've also received my Firewalla Gold and finally finished tidying up my network infrastructure a bit, though it will require a bit more tuning but at least I can now focus on what I've been eager to do: setup my home assistant for all the devices and automations on my home, yay!



  • Assemble with care: Played this on my phone and it was a short but wonderful playthrough. It's a story-driven puzzle game, though puzzles are very easy since they are secondary. Full voice acting makes this a calm and relaxing experience to do while on the move (or at the beach!)

  • Some more Reventure


Mostly videos this time around, since I'm used to put something off-screen while I'm working. Some interesing stuff in there, mostly videogame related.

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