September 2020

Published on October 01, 2020

Very cool month, finally managed to have some hard earned holidays! I had the privilege of going with some friends (even some I hadn't seen in a long time!) to an apartment near the beach, and oh boy did I need that. I came back fully charged! Apart from that, not much movement in any area.

Another picture of me at the beach, this time in Malaga


I have refactored my local network a bit, bought a proper router with integrated firewall and monitoring, and a new AP to get along with that. Next step will be re-creating my entire home-assistant instance from scratch on a new raspberry pi. With that I will start a blog post series on every step I'm going to take, sort of a tutorial sort of informative. You can do very cool things with it.

Not much time for anything else.


  • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

    I read only a little more, either the good is not as impacting as the first one (it isn't) or I'm completely gone with my reading habits again. I though I would enjoy this on my vacation time, but I didn't end up hooked. I will probably drop this one, sadly.


  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Tried starting with Mario 64 first, but the camera and controls were so frustrating I ended up skipping it and going directly to Sunshine. I've collected a few stars but I haven't sit down properly to get with it, only playing on spare time between other things.

  • Among Us: The new cool kid on the block, very funny to play with friend over discord; guaranteed fun.


I ended up doing a Telegram channel to paste interesting articles/videos as I see fit, this way I don't forget taking notes that much. Now I only need to remember this channel exists...

If you want to approach me directly about this post use the most appropriate channel from the about page.