October 2020

Published on November 01, 2020

And another month went by.

The view from the beach here is awesome


I have started my slow journey into Golang and spend an skill boost day at work doing some stuff with it. Ended up with a lot of tabs open but it was the most fun I have had for a while! If you're curious the result is on my gurl repository, it's not complete (or useful) by any means, but I want to expand it with new features while I learn some more.

In my spare time I've been working on a simple program to manage my game's screenshots, I have a lot over several computers/operating systems and I want to organize them better to publish them on an online gallery. I'm starting to enjoy Go quite a bit the more I do with it, even if it's only minor stuff.


  • The Magicians' Guild (Trudi Canavan)

    Started again from the beginning, I just need to fit the reading habit into my schedule.

TVShows and Movies


  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    I finally put an end to it. My review in a separate post

  • A Short Hike

    A short (as the name implies) adventure of the path to hike a mountain and all the people you met in between. Love the art style and the simplicity of the game. Liked the idea of having the achievements directly on the switch too, in-game. (I miss that from Steam on the Switch) I'm a fan of this kind of games you can enjoy and put an end to them in a few hours.

  • Terraria

    My terraria state

    We managed to complete it. Which in our case meant getting al achievements. It was a really fun ride! This game is easily one of my favourites and for the price you can get it is completely a must, you get an incredible amount of content and entertainment, better played with friends!

  • Starbound

    Terraria, but in space! And I have a MECH!

    My mech in Starbound

  • Graveyard Keeper

    Got this for the Switch because it was supposed to be more linear and light than Stardew Valley, but upon starting I got tons of things to do and it got a bit overwhelming for me right now, wanted something more lightweight to play at the moment. On hold for now.

  • 10 mg :)

    This is a really small game (10mg stands for 10 minute games) as a tribute to the arcade classics with some kind of twist. I got near 20 minutes of gameplay from this and it was fun to go through it :)


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