April 2021

Published on May 01, 2021

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Finally went to a good enough place to try out my drone filming skills!


Finally flied a bit with my Drone! I bought it cause a good offer came up, but here is usually very windy plus I need to go a bit far away to a flight allowed zone. And well even if it wasn't the perfect weather to film around it was very good to lose the fear to lose the drone around even when I couldn't see it because it was too far away.

Can't wait for better weather though! Videos have a very good quality and the shots are just amazing from up there.


  • Preparing a community given approach to switch-games-json since the other repository I'm basing it off is not active since last year and PR suggestions are not being merged.

  • games-screenshot-manager is going under a huge refactor since the proof of concept is working very well on my end (being using it for a few months now) so it's time to make the codebase more decent.

  • Trying out hugo as a replacement for lektor for this blog. I still need to figure out if the benefits are worth it the time investment.

  • After doing Go for a while figured out what a pain in the ass is to deploy/containerize python applications.


  • Started reading Doctor Aphra (2020 - present)

    I like it, but my subscription ended after trying it for a month, and since I haven't seen any improvement to the app and the pages loading I'm not paying it anymore... it's $10/mo of suffering anytime I want to just read for 10 minutes. It's a shame since people made a lot of recommendations to read Marvel related things, but I'm assuming I would just end up buying the tomes physically. Wait... maybe this was Marvel's plan all along?

  • Reading The Gamer

    I started this a while ago and I've came back to it. Since I didn't remember where chapter I was in I just started it again. And boy I am glad... I didn't remember a thing!

  • Reaading DICE

    Keeping the pace up a bit, I'm still far away from reaching the current episode, but it keeps getting interesting.

TVShows and Movies

  • Still watching Suits

    We watch it at lunch/dinner time. Not that I'm enjoying it much anymore, but it's still way better than regular TV.

  • Finished Falcon & The Winter Soldier

    Oh man, only six episodes! The show was amazing, but I feel like a couple of extra episodes wouldn't have hurt character development. And now the wait until Loki premieres on June... :(

  • Watched Invincible season 1

    A pleasant surprise on Amazon Prime. I'm up to date and I'm liking it, it's start a bit childish but oh boy you're up to a surprise on the first episode. It seems is based on comics as well, so how knows if I would grow impatient and just read the comics instead of waiting for the next seasons.


  • Super Mario Bros. 3D World

    So. What is this madness Nintendo? Are you serious? Not only there's another world with both a crazy hard level to beat and an almost infinite star box, but now I'm supposed to beat every level with every character?

    Super Mario 3D World trying to make me crazy

  • Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国 / Rhythm Heaven)

    So I discovered this game on a friend's stream and I instantly fell in love. Got it second hand complete (with its box, manual and everything!). I have played various rhythm games over the years and let me tell you this one is hard. It measures your rhythm at the beginning and oh boy I'm up for a challenge here...


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