July 2021

Published on August 01, 2021

My birthday cake!

On the good days that actually seems like summer we get some beaufiful landscapes like this.


Ever since I ended up on my current job I spend less and less time with the computer in the after-work hours, real life ™️ stuff and my numerous other hobbies tend to maintain me busy, so I've spent very little time with these things:

  • switch-games-json I've started work on how people could contribute new entries to it. I have a working proof of concept and I have to import all currently data present on the internets before releasing it publicly.

  • games-screenshot-manager Planning a big refactor since I use this very regularly and it works very well but it can be way faster that it is now.

  • notion-to-ical: I'm working on a little service to convert a Notion calendar database into an iCal feed.

  • 3D Printing. More like 3D calibrating since I didn't manage to find the proper attributes to print some pieces corretly, and since it a bit of trial and error it's taking its time.


  • DICE

  • One Piece: Volume 27 and beyond!

  • Finished Siege and Storm

  • Started reading Ruin and Rising

    The last book of the Ghrisaverse trilogy, series seems a bit average until this point but it manages to keep me wanting to know what will happen next. I just hope this one doesn't end in a cliffhanger or with anything pending so I can start reading other series after that, since I've seen that there are other books based on this world.

TVShows and Movies

  • For lunch and dinner time One Piece

  • Ongoing with Star Wars: The Bad Batch

    This became an off-series, I just let it run in background while I do other things and I manage to keep track easily.

  • Finished Loki

    What a show, what a show! I loved the ending (though I expected a different character to appear) and their performance was just amazing, can't wait to see how this threads into the films and the next season. The MCU is doing an amazing work in this department.


  • Finished! Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国 / Rhythm Heaven)

    I got all gold medals and beat the final drum minigame, and that's a wrap! I'm not going to put myself through unnecessary pain by doing all the perfect scores. It was ver difficult and a lot of fun, specially since I could play it in short sessions through the months.

  • Stopped One Piece: WORLD SEEKER (screenshot gallery)

    I stopped playing this one mostly because I wasn't enjoying it much, but also because I don't know where this is set in the One Piece storyline and I didn't want to spoil myself. I will continue with it once I reach the last One Piece volume.

  • Still around with Baba is you

    We still have this on our pipeline, Player 2 seems to enjoy it since loves puzzles.

  • Started The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

    Of course. I didn't progress much and I totaly hate the sword mechanic until the point that I almost drop it at the beginning... but I want to see it through the end since it's the first in the series, time will tell if I complete it or just finish the story.


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