How I organize my Home Assistant automations

Published on November 30, 2021

Automations in Home Assistant are the best thing after the cocoa discovery, I use them a lot for many different things and I'm always wondering how to solve the first world problem of the day. The hassle with it is that apart from a list and the search there are not much more options to filter, and when your automations grow it became a bit of a pain finding what you want.

So the other day I decided to follow a "path" approarch to my automations. I'm using a subject, an action or element and then a description to name them:

(subject) / (action/element) / (short description)

This way Turn on the air purifier at night became air purifier / auto / turn on at night and I can filter by air purifier / to get all the automations related to the air purifier, the specific automatic behaviour by / auto (for this and other subjects), etc:

This is so much convenient than before though I'm sure I will keep iterating on this, at least now my list is ordered and I can easily find anything I want to toggle or edit.

I wonder how other Home Assistant users handle their automations, if you by any reason read this and have a better way, please let me know!.

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