November 2021

Published on December 01, 2021

Ramen dish from Ramen Kagura in Madrid, Spain

Mandatory visit to Ramen Kagura when visiting Madrid.


All in with comics:

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TVShows and Movies

  • "Finished" One Piece: Reached the end of the official spanish dub. We've replaced this with Bones

  • Up to date with For all mankind

    Already finished and with a nice cliffhanger for the next season. Didn't though I would enjoy a drama this much. I may be getting old.

  • Watched Arcane

    I thought I wouldn't enjoy this one since I'm not a League of Legends player (I've only player a couple matches like ten years ago...?) but I loved it. The art style is top-notch, the story, even going a bit fast at some points it was well explained through amazing visual compositions and the soundtrack is on par as well, loved how they used the mix of visuals and music to tell how Ekko and Jinx played in their fight at the end of the show. Can't wait for more seasons or other shows in this universe.

    I'm assuming that people that know the world heroes from the games would know who's not going to die so I'm glad I'm not in that group on this one (though you could mostly tell anyway...). The same way I didn't get a lot of easter eggs on the show that current players mostly did.

  • Watched Hellbound

    As a note, I only watched the first chapter in the usual way you would watch a TV show (1x in VO). The rest I put on the English dub and a 1.5x speed so I could go though it offscreen while I did other things.

    Not sure about why but I didn't like this one at all, and I wouldn't watch anything else if Netflix release more in the future. It's a very good premise but not very enjoyable on a TVShow I guess, everything happens so quickly and the impact didn't feel real. I started reading the manwha to check if it is any better.

  • Started Hawkeye

    The next from the Marvel universe. It seems pretty simple with a lot of comedy so far. Argument-wise doesn't seem like much at the moment.


  • Started Hollow Knight

    Had this on my backlog for years and since the Steam Deck is now officialy delayed and I won't get mine until next summer as the soonest I started with it the other day (so I haven't gotten very far). The art style is amazing and I still need to get used to the controls, but everyone says that this is a masterpiece so I had to start at some point.

  • Still ongoing with Baba is you. Since we don't play much we are going veeeery slowly.

  • Tried Marvel's Avengers but it had heavy frame drops on my PC so I just stopped trying.


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