January 2022

Published on February 01, 2022

A picture of me resting a book called Press Reset on my legs while looking at the horizon.

We had amazing holidays this year.

Personal projects

  • I have been working a lot on my notion boards nowadays. Not that I'm better planning what do I do with my time, having everything laying around on different services. So I made simple boards to keep track of stuff. It seems like a stupid thing but sometimes I actually forgot about books, films, games, etc. So having everything there is very helpful to sort out what to read, watch or play next.

My notion board for games organisation

  • I re-enabled fmartingr/switch-games-json only to find out that I don't need it anymore! Started this project because of the funny way screenshots on a Nintendo Switch are stored, and turns out you can just connect it through USB to a computer and use the Android File Transfer to get them perfectly sorted in folders with game names.

  • I worked a bit on bazaar. A simple service to extract product information from websites.

  • I've started to work on a way to automate some field updating in Notion that I'm calling AutoNotion for now. Ideally this will receive a set of configuration files in yaml and will allow to make simple updates to database items when some fields change, are missing, etc. Initially this would react to events but sadly it will have to work either doing polling or running on a cronjob caching database information.

  • Forked go-shiori/shiori since the main one seems unmaintained. I like the simplicity of the project but it is a bookmark manager conceived as an alternative of a read-later service without features for the last. Since I want it to be more like Pocket the plan was to fork it and made it my own but I've written to the original author in case I can be the project's new maintainer.

  • Released 0.2.0 of fmartingr/games-screenshot-manager after giving it some love it clearly deserved, just bits of improvements here and there in preparation for future features.


TVShows and Movies


  • Finished Hollow Knight. My relationship with Hollow Knight can be easily represented by this comic.

    Clueless Hero: Toxic Relationship

  • Started Turing Complete on my backlog for a while, only to play some kind of different puzzle game. If only I were better at it...

  • Continuing with Please, don’t touch anythng!. We managed to get a lot of new endings thanks to notes we had from previous runs. Only five endings to finish it!

  • Started Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This is the right way to evolve the Pokemon franchise.


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