March 2022

Published on April 01, 2022

A Japanese Torii gate

I've started drawing a little on the tablet. I'm awful at it, but it's a relaxing way to pass the time while having a cup of coffee. (Yes, the date is wrong)

This month has been pretty poor in comparision to others, apart from work we had some situation at home that has made us took the decision of moving to another place, so in between looking for a place, the preparations and the undisclosed thing that has made us take this decision I didn't have much time for anything else, and that's why this month's entry is so scarce in content in comparison to other months.

Since we're planning to move in two-three weeks this will be the same for the coming month as well.

Personal projects

Some little progress on go-shiori triaging and bug-fixing. Nothing else worth mentioning.


TVShows and Movies

  • Watching Ranking of Kings. Not up to date because I didn't have time. but I may be almost there.



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