February 2021

Published on March 01, 2021

A month for changes! A lot of daily grind and planning new stuff for the future.

We still can't move freely around but restrictions are leaving us step by step, let's see how long it lasts here, at least I'm pretty happy that I can go to my favourite coffee shop even if it's for takeaway. After a few reluctant weeks our avocado started to rise! I'm trying to track it's growth with daily pics, but oh man it grows SO fast.

image alt

Our avocado is blooming nicely :)

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December 2020

Published on January 01, 2021

Oh boy, here we go again. Christmas season is with us one more time.

For anyone that doesn't know me even a little: I don't like Christmas. It is the most consumerist period of the year, everything is packed with people (even in 2020, how's that even possible!). The only good thing is you can meet with some people even if it is a few meters away in a park freezing yourself.

image alt

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Self-hosting my home with Home Assistant (part 1)

Published on December 20, 2020

Even if I've been a Home Assistant's user for quite some time I have never dedicated myself to have a truly stable and dedicated service at home. I always treated it more like a pet project than anything else, but this is changing now.

I have a fair amount of Smart Devices around the house and just as you come to expect they come from different companies, protocols and sizes. Each day it passes I'm more and more concerned about my privacy and the value of the hardware I do not truly own.

With this in mind I have started the journey of self-hosting! Which to put it simply is... every device that is in my home (with a few exceptions that you'll see later) will be controlled by this Home Assistance instance.

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