December 2020

Published on January 01, 2021

Oh boy, here we go again. Christmas season is with us one more time.

For anyone that doesn't know me even a little: I don't like Christmas. It is the most consumerist period of the year, everything is packed with people (even in 2020, how's that even possible!). The only good thing is you can meet with some people even if it is a few meters away in a park freezing yourself.

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  • Butterrobot has gone some improvements and it can be shipped now. The admin interface is now useable and the basic features are bundled in. I had to work a bit on how I abstracted queries and objects internally since it was a bit of a mess but I think it's way easier to understand now. I love dataclasses.

    There's still a lot of work to do with testing and documentation.

  • Slow progress on the Games Screenshot Manager. Don't get me wrong, it's functional and I already use it to manage my screenshots gallery but I need to automate some processes, add tests and get path cleaning to work properly. Also I'm missing some games that I'll need to fill out along with improvements on the Nintendo Switch department.

  • I've started setting up Home Assistant way more seriously as you can see in my previous post. The project has grown a lot since I started playing with it and my journey to self-host is way far from being finished, but I already manage to unplug some chinese always-on-always-on-internet devices that I wasn't feeling super comfortable having on my network. Baby steps.

  • We are getting better at 3D printing at home as well. After a lot of trial and error we managed to print some decent quality pieces on our Rotrics DexArm. We've had it since August and didn't start doing anything with it until now. Shame on us.

    Hopefully I can get some Pi's cases done this month so I can put one or two cameras to keep an eye on it in case the print get stuck or any other problem we may have. And if this OctoPrint thingy works with our unit it would be awesome to have a Home Assistant panel dedicated to it. My backlog keeps growing and I keep getting older.

  • I've set up my laptop from scratch, and since Antergos is gone now I've installed a base Arch Linux without any wrapper. I was very pleased to see that everything was working out of the box pretty easily.


  • Finished reading The Magicians' Guild (Trudi Canavan)

    I liked it, it's nothing super impressive but enjoyable for fantasy lovers, and I'm glad my reading habit came back, I already have enough backlog as it is. I'm continuing with the trilogy with the next ones now:

TVShows and Movies

  • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  • Star Wars: The force awakens
  • Star Wars: The last jedi

    Star Wars Marathon continues!

    Tried to watch Star Wars: Resistance but it just wasn't my kind of show, only watched three episodes. I hope I don't miss anything interesting in there. Should I at least watch the last season?

  • Mandalorian

    It's over now :(

    A very good season, looking forward to all the new TV Shows and movies announced for Disney+ in the future (both from Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

    While I love the series the Luke Skywalker reveal of the end killed it a bit for me (since I was expecting Ezra Bridger to show up). I don't understand the reasoning behind using CGI faces for these actors... if you're going to play with the character again just get a new actor with some resemblance the way you did it with Solo.

    I still don't understand on which position this leaves the last trilogy, the future seasons for Mandalorian and every other spin-off that Disney will launch, but well. They are doing a really good job with this, can't wait for the Ashoka show to air and whatever that final mention of Boba Fett was, it was about time this character was portrayed as he deserved.

  • The Blacklist

    We're hooked.

  • Alice in Borderland

    It's seems like a good adaptation of the original manga, though it keep getting worse through the end. I think I will try to read the original, it's been a while I've immersed in a story like this since Kamisama if I recall correctly.



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